Upcoming Workshops


May 25th: Albuquerque, NM

Sirena World Dance Studio

Natalie will be teaching 2 workshops on Uzbek dance and Uzbek dance choreography.
More information about the workshops and registration can be found on the Facebook Page

Lark Camp 2011

Lark Camp 2011

July 26th-August 3rd: Mendocino, CA

Lark Camp

Natalie will be teaching Belly Dance and Central Asian Dance Workshops with an optional performance.

Lark Camp is a wonderful 8-day camp where you can immerse yourself in Music and Dance from around the world.

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August 10-11th: Near Kirkwood, CA

High Sierra Hafla

Natalie will be teaching 2 workshops and performing at this new dance & music weekend camp!

Workshop #1: Belly Dance Technique and combos with a focus on those "WOW" movements! 
In this workshop, we will focus on movements and combinations that make people say "WOW." What are those movements and why? what makes movement impactful? and how do we create dynamism in our phrases and choreography?
This workshop starts with a brief warm-up and will drill shimmies, choo-choo's, spins, and more! We will then bring these techniques into across the floor movement and center-floor combos. 

Workshop #2: Fun and Sassy Saidi Choreography 
Dancers will learn a fun and challenging choreography in the Saidi style. The workshop will begin with an explanation of the Saidi style, where it comes from, and what it is. Dancers will learn a full choreography that they can add to their performance repertoire! Music will be emailed and class notes provided. 

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Previous Workshops

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October 13-14th: Oakland, CA

Woman of World Dance Conference | 2pm-3pm | Shabnam Dance Studios  
Natalie will be be teaching a Central Asian Dance focusing on Tajik dance from 2-3pm on Sunday October 14th. There are many other great workshops throughout the weekend! You can sign up for one or all of them!

Learn more on the Facebook Event page and buy tickets through Eventbrite

Opa Fest! Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2013

Opa Fest! Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2013