Dance Performance Repertoire

Below you will find Natalie’s main repertoire including video and photos!
Not all the styles she performs are listed here so feel free to contact her if you are curious about a different style.

To jump to any of the styles featured you can click on the links below:
Tajik Dance | Uzbek DanceAfghan DancePersian Dance | Belly Dance

Tajik Dance

Natalie performs many styles of Tajik dance including Kulobi, Shashmaqam and Badakhshan/Pamiri dance. She has traveled to Tajikistan to study dance extensively for two summers. She was awarded multiple grants to conduct Dance Ethnology research in 2015 and 2018. 

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Uzbek Dance

Natalie performs different styles of Uzbek Dance including Khorezm, Bukharan, Andijon Polka, and Ferghana. She is dedicated to continue learning this dance form by traveling to Uzbekistan annually to continue her intense study of this beautiful and technical dance. 

Afghan Dance

Afghan dance is am upbeat and fun style. The dresses are colorful and fun! Some styles include: Attan, what is now known as the National dance of Afghanistan; Logari, a dance with abrupt stops; and other styles. The dance below is to folk music by Aziz Herawi. 



Persian Dance

Natalie performs both modern and folkloric styles of Persian Dance. Some of the styles she performs include: Neoclassical Persian dance, Qassemabadi, Bandari, and Qash'qai. Some of her main teachers include Miriam Peretz, Robyn Friend, Shahrzad Khorsandi, and Sharlyn Sawyer.

The video is of a performance Natalie did with Ballet Afsaneh for Nowruz at the San Francisco City Hall. Choreography by Sharlyn Sawyer

Middle Eastern Dance

Natalie performs many different styles of Middle Eastern Dance (also known as Belly Dance) including Raqs Sharqi, American Cabaret, and Tribal Fusion styles.

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